ADHD Assessment from home. Innovative and scientifically valid.

We know that living with ADHD can be difficult - we are HYPT to help you.

Get started from the comfort of your home without long waiting times and let us join your personal ADHD journey. Using up-to-the-minute diagnostic tools, backed by our team of ADHD medical experts, we are HYPT about solving your ADHD struggles.


We understand that no two people with ADHD are the same.

With an individualized diagnostic and therapy program, we will help you to transform your life so that it fits or to fit your unique ADHD struggles.

ADHD can cause a bunch of challenges in everyday life, career, relationships and other areas. Our mission is to help you find the tools to overcome those hurdles and drive towards your full potential. Doctors, psychologists and People who have ADHD will guide you on your journey. Get started with our free ADHD assessment.

Our team

Our team of ADHD experts

Doctors, Psychologists and experienced Patients will have your back
Complexity and Individuality of ADHD lead to different expectations and experiences. This is why we decided to work in a poly professional expert team with doctors, patients and psychologists. “The struggle is real” and we would like to give you the chance to apply healthy routines, up-to-date science and ADHD life hacks to your life.

We have a mission

Where we want to go

HYPT is a one-stop holistic ecosystem dedicated to people with ADHD, developed by experts and people with ADHD. HYPT guides individuals through the four critical zones allowing you to master your ADHD and use it to your advantage – awareness, diagnostics, treatment and lifelong support.

1. Awareness

Navigate with our guidance, the key information and ADHD learnings. Understand the importance of your ADHD journey and arm yourself with the facts.

2. Diagnostics

Using the most advanced diagnostic methods and technology in the market, we will provide you with a crucial comprehensive diagnosis.

3. Treatment

Every individual with ADHD requires an individualized treatment plan. You will receive a holistic treatment plan, tailored to your individual diagnostic results.

4. Lifelong support

Supported by an expert and patient community and armed with your tailored toolkit, you will receive lifelong support allowing you to stick with your treatment plan and thrive.

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We are moving fast. So stay updated on our latest news like product releases or new diagnostic tools.
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Stay up to date

We are moving fast. So stay updated on our latest news like product releases or new diagnostic tools.