Tick Tock! – time management hacks to seize the day

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Tick Tock. Clocks and timers are your friends. Keep a timer in the shower, kitchen, bedroom, the more the merrier. This way, you are free in your creative thoughts but you will not lose track of time.

Food for creative thoughts. Picture yourself in your living space. Where are you when you experience your most juicy, creative thoughts? Perhaps it’s in the bathroom, or in the kitchen? Place a whiteboard in your creative space and scribble down your thoughts.  

The 15-minute rule. Work backwards. What time do you need to leave the house to be on time? Now add 15 minutes. This way you won’t arrive too early nor too late, but be superbly punctual.

Bowl of truth. Keep an eye-catching, decorative bowl near your exit door. Keep all keys and important items you need to take with you each day here. No more late appointments because you couldn’t find your keys!

Oracle of truth. Maximize your calendar or planner. Firstly, include all recurring appointments and meetings. Block your travel time to and from work. Block chunks of time to work on specific tasks. Block times for sport and other hobbies. The next time someone asks if you are available or asks for your help, whip out your planner so you can make an informed decision about whether you really have time or not. With a planner, you are less likely to overcommit or make promises and appointments you can’t keep.

Master the morning: Good morning sunshine. Your morning routine sets the tone for your day. Check your planner the night before. What time is your first appointment? What time do you need to leave the house? Add 15 minutes. What do you need to pack? Gym clothes? Prepare your bag the evening before. Leave your bag near your keys at the front door. You will already feel on top of your day. 

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