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Patient journey

HYPT is a one-stop holistic ecosystem dedicated to people with ADHD.
From experts with ADHD for people with ADHD, HYPT guides individuals through the four critical zones allowing you to master your ADHD and use it to your advantage – awareness, diagnostics, treatment and lifelong support.

1. Awareness

Navigate with our guidance, the key information and ADHD learnings. Understand the importance of your ADHD journey and arm yourself with the facts.

2. Diagnostics

Using the most advanced diagnostic methods and technology in the market, we will provide you with a crucial comprehensive diagnosis. The most important piece of the ADHD puzzle - understand exactly how ADHD affects you.

3. Treatment

Every individual with ADHD requires an individualized treatment plan. You will receive a holistic treatment plan, tailored to your individual diagnostic results.

4. Lifelong support

Supported by an expert and patient community and armed with your tailored toolkit, you will receive lifelong support allowing you to stick with your treatment plan and thrive.

Lets find out

Could you have ADHD?

HYPT’s initial ADHD screening is built on a well known questionnaire, developed by the WHO and coupled with our voice biomarker assessment. Complete the following steps to get a first impression of the likeliness to have ADHD:

1. Fill out our assessment

As a first step, we invite you to our Short Screening ADHD questionnaire.

2. Upload your voice sample

Variables like rate of speech and volume are unique to the individual and a reflection of our central nervous system, including the networks and structures that we know to be different in people with ADHD.

3. Appointment with an ADHD Expert

Our doctors and psychologists will answer your questions and discuss the possibility of ADHD diagnosis.

We have great answers

Ask us anything

HYPT uses the advantages of digitalization and recent science to optimize the diagnostic process. Voice-Biomarker, State of the Art Questionnaires, Neuroperformance Testing and Metabolomic Tests will give an accurate and objective result that exceeds other diagnostic options in speed and in quality.

No matter what gender, age and background, diagnostics and therapy can be participated in by any adult (</= 18Y).

For now, we are glad to tell you that our diagnostic services are free to the first customers.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide that right now but are passionate about making it work in the future.

We are not quite there yet – our diagnostic services will launch in summer 2022. We will then contact you within one week to schedule your first appointment.
How will I receive my screening assessment results?
As soon as analysed by our algorithm you will receive your voice results directly on the weebsite and via email. Soon, you will get the chance to discuss them with a certified doctor or psychologist.

Stay up to date

We are moving fast. So stay updated on our latest news like product releases or new diagnostic tools.
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Stay up to date

We are moving fast. So stay updated on our latest news like product releases or new diagnostic tools.