We are HYPT about ADHD

We are building a one-stop solution for ADHD to offer support across the entire patient journey. We want to guide every person with ADHD and their families to the right diagnostic options, offer a supportive community, as well as necessary tools, and individual therapy to harness their gift and use their ADHD as a superpower. We will come out of stealth mode soon.

Want to learn more about us? 

Want to learn more about ADHD?

We will be with you every step of the journey - care from patients for patients

HYPT started with the personal journey of our founder Vincent discovering his own path to ADHD and realizing that he is not alone.

Our ecosystem begins with someone like you. With our team of ADHD expert doctors and psychologists, partnering with leading ADHD specialists across the treatment spectrum, we will guide you to the right diagnostic option and help you understand your likelihood of having ADHD to help you reach your potential.

We don’t prescribe medication or aim to replace ADHD medical experts in their trusted role of serving patients. We are not a stand-alone company. We thrive by partnerships, not by competition.  We are Hypt about science and evidence based knowledge about ADHD and will work closely together with trusted leading research organization

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Please join the HYPT movement. We are launching our diagnostic and treatment program shortly. If you want to join us, partner with us, or provide feedback, sign up with us today and one of our expert team members will be in touch.
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