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We are HYPT

HYPT was founded by people with ADHD and medical backgrounds who understand the difficulties of getting personalized diagnosis and treatment. Our Mission is to build an ecosystem that provides every person who carries ADHD with proper diagnostics, therapy, and the necessary tools to thrive.

To achieve this, we assembled a team of highly qualified doctors, psychologists and serial entrepreneurs. We are partnering with ADHD specialists from the UK, USA and Germany to make sure our medical services are evidence-based and state of the art. Digitalizing the diagnostic process is just the beginning.


HYPT guides every person with ADHD to the correct diagnosis and offers a supportive community, the necessary tools, and individual therapy to harness their ADHD and use it to their advantage.

HYPT is the vision of a team of experts who either directly suffer from ADHD or have a medical background in ADHD. Our team understands first-hand the difficult path to obtaining a comprehensive ADHD diagnosis and to receiving an individualized treatment plan.


We are HYPT about solving the diagnostic and care delivery problem by building a vertically integrated micro-provider (VIMPRO) that serves the entire patient journey.

Players in the market are only focusing on individual parts of the problem and offering only functional solutions. What we need is a holistic and vertically integrated solution and a leading brand that patients can trust.

Where it all started

Meet our founders

Dr Barney Gilbert

As a first step, we invite you to complete our comprehensive Symptom Checker Screening questionnaire.

Vincent Zimmer

Variables like rate of speech and volume are unique to the individual and a reflection of our central nervous system, including the networks and structures that we know to be different in people with ADHD.

Where it all started

Meet our founder

Vincent Zimmer

Vincent built 3+successful start-ups across different industries and supported digital health ventures like Ada Health. He worked as consultant and investor from early-stage until IPO.

Diagnostic standard is failing patients

80% of adults stay undiagnosed and are missed out. based onto 95% of the test are based on paper tests. That produces 15-20% misdiagnosed patients and often fails to differentiate with co-morbidities

Current drugs are not the solution

80% of patients drop out of treatment after 1 year which consist to 95% of medicament therapy which only mitigate symptoms. It’s only in 50% of all cases effective. Very often it comes with substantial side effects

Diagnostic process is slow and expensive

5% of high quality available options with MRT and Clinical study costs above 1000€ and 95% regular options require long waiting times (<6 month) to speak with experts and several doctor visits until diagnosis (<1y)

(untreated) ADHD is causing personal suffering and substantial healthcare and private costs

The directly linked healthcare costs per patient is estimated to be around 15k per year but often causes significant personal suffering and everyday costs which are between 2-4k and labeled as ADHD Tax



We face a diagnostic and care delivery problem. Not a solution problem. We are HYPT to solve it.

A negative stigma of ADHD and unbundled offerings produce frustrating patient journeys – leaving 80% behind as undiagnosed and losing another 80% who stop treatment/

Our experts

Medical experts from the digital health - and ADHD ecosystem support our work as consulting advisors

Dr Barney Gilbert

Founding Advisor

Dr. Jayaram Brindala

Chief Medical Expert Done

Dr. Sebastian Krolop

Med Dr, Global Chief Operating & Strategy Officer at HIMSS

Stephanie Eltz

Founder & CEO Doctify, UK

Eike Ahlers

Professor ADHD Ambulance Charite, Chefarzt Johanniter

Prof. David Ebert

Professor Psychology & Digital Mental Health Care at TUM

Kim Kernbichler

Physician & founder with exit to PE growth fund.

Lydia Dreyer

Medical Doctor, Psychiatry and E-mental health

Markus Dahlem

CEO Msense

Prof. Hans Supèr

Founder Braingaze, Neurobiology expert

Lara Wegener

Medical Doctor, Digital Innovation

Milan Novokovic

Ex-Chief Medical Takeda, IQVIA

Dr. Inga Großmann

Consulting Digital Doctor, Psychology Expert


6.7% of the world’s adults are affected by Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)



80% of adults with ADHD remain undiagnosed and 80% discontinue treatment after only 2 years

Diagnostic problems

  • High barrier to make appointment with
  • There is no single test to diagnose
  • Testing and evaluation is time intensive
  • Hard to diagnose in adults due to other
    comorbid psychiatric conditions.

Delivery problems

  • Long waiting time
  • Overdosing and overprescription of
  • ADHD medication
    High dropout rates from therapy


Delivery care

We face a diagnostic and care delivery problem. Not a solution problem. We are HYPT to solve it.


Meet Our Clients

we work for them

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We are moving fast. So stay updated on our latest news like product releases or new diagnostic tools.
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Stay up to date

We are moving fast. So stay updated on our latest news like product releases or new diagnostic tools.